Congratulation to All!

The Meharall Music Company ( MMC ) is yours own company through which you can fulfill your dreams. The Meharall Music Company ( MMC ) is a unique company in its own way. The Meharall Music Company owner’s dream was to launch this company in Punjab and give chance to new talent so that deserving persons can progress in this field through and honest and genuine way.

The Meharall Music Company give the Writers,  Singers, Model & every person having talent in their respective fields, a platform to fulfill their dreams. Meharall Music have audition system for new voice also. Every year there will be audition by company for new singer talent.

“The winner will be launched by Company..”


Short films
Music Video
Modeling Show
Singing Competitions
Feature Films
Punjabi Movie

Our company dream is the progress of new youth. Now this dream is going to be fulfill through MMC by giving them a platform. A golden opportunity to prove their talent and get a chance to be launched by the MMC.

So if you have talent, The Meharall Music Company ( MMC ) is always with you to help and support you in all your dreams..

Best Wishes